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Adult Climbing Coaching

Level up your climbing by learning the skills and techniques you need to become the best climber you can be!


£15pp this includes your admission fee


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1x 90 minute session


1x Instructor

Skill Level



Roped Climbing / Bouldering



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What is adult coaching?

This session is aimed at anyone wanting to learn the skills or pick up tips which will help to improve their climbing. The group coaching sessions are run by our knowledgeable, friendly staff. There will be 6 weeks of ‘beginner’ coaching sessions, followed by 6 weeks of ‘intermediate’ sessions. Each session is themed towards different skill. You must be a competent climber to take part.

What will the session involve?

The themes for the first 6 week beginner sessions are:

Week 1: Base of support and footwork
Week 2: Rock overs and Flagging
Week 3: Steeper ground, points of suspension
Week 4: Momentum. Static v dynamic movement
Week 5: Route reading and resting on the route
Week 6: Achieving goals and structuring an effective session.

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