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5 reasons to go to Clip 'n Climb this Summer

Are you looking for a new way to stay active that's loads of fun? Here are five reasons to start climbing this Summer at Clip 'n Climb - where the theme park meets the climbing centre.

1. Age is just a number

It's never too late to start climbing. Whether you're 5, 50 or any other age, if you wake up with the urge to go climbing, you should go for it! At Clip 'n Climb, no experience or equipment is required so you can clip in and start climbing straight away. It's that simple!

2. Meet new people

Climbing is a very social and inclusive sport with climbers of all ages and abilities coming together to stay active, socialise and have fun.

We also run dedicated parent and toddler sessions, SEN sessions and adult only sessions, so you can climb with like minded people or just have a natter in the South Ridge Cafe.

3. Conquer your fears

Our friendly team are always on hand to offer support and encouragement to anyone taking up the sport. On arrival, we'll show you how to use the auto belay system and demonstrate how to ascend and descend safely. We also have a variety of family friendly climbing walls to help you get started.

4. Stay active this Summer

If you're looking for a full body workout that builds muscle and burns calories, then climbing is the sport for you! Climbing engages all of your muscle groups including your arms, legs, abs, core and more. It's so much fun you won't even realise it's exercise!

5. Climbing is great for your mental health

As well as physical benefits, there are many mental health benefits. It improves your self esteem, reduces stress and releases endorphins. When you reach the top of our climbing walls you'll feel on top of the world!

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Competition closes 23.09.22. Winning wall receives a family ticket to Clip 'n Climb.


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