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Novice Supervison

Novice supervision is a great way for a competent member to introduce friends or family to climbing. Here you will find all the information needed by both the experienced and novice climber.

Skill Level

Competent Level Climbers and above


Roped Climbing / Bouldering



Who is novice supervision suitable for?

Any adult (18+) member who has passed a skills assessment for either roped climbing or bouldering can supervise up to two novices in that activity during their visit.

The novices can be of any age, however please be aware that supervisors should remain with their novices at all times. Particular attention must be paid whilst supervising children.

How do I go about bringing a novice?

1) The experienced climber must pass or have previously passed a skills assessment.
2) The novice (and climber if not already registered) complete their digital waivers prior to visit. (Under 18's need a parent or guardian to complete their waiver).
3) At the centre the novice's membership is created.
4) The competent climber signs to say they will be responsible for the novice's safety whilst in the centre and they are ready to go.

Register your digital account & sign waiver before you arrive

Anyone looking to use the centre without an instructor should complete a digital waiver by following this link. This includes novice adults and juniors who will be supervised by a competent member. Completing this waiver prior to arrival will speed up your registration, meaning you can get on the walls more quickly!

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Novice Supervison FAQ

What are the minimum ages for both supervising and novice climbers?

The minimum age for a supervising climber is 18. Novice climbers can be of any age.

Am I able to climb myself if I am supervising novices?

Unfortunately whilst you are responsible for novices you are not able to climb yourself (as they can't be supervised whilst you are up a wall!)

The only exceptions would be:
1) You can boulder whilst the novices wait on the mat. When they attempt a boulder problem you must be on the mat in a position to offer assistance if required.
2) You are with another competent member who has also signed to say that they are responsible for the novices. In this instance one member must be on the ground with them at all times.

As a competent member how many novices can I supervise?

Each competent member can supervise up to two novices at one time.

Can I bring three children if only two are climbing at the same time?

Unfortunately not, due to the nature of the activities you are only able to supervise up to two novices at one time. No exceptions.

As a competent member how can I teach my novice to belay?

The easiest way would be to come in a group of three. This could consist of one supervisor and two novices or two competent members and one novice. The supervisor who has signed for the novices must stay on the ground, backing up the brake rope as they learn to belay.

The other option would be for them to book on a roped climbing induction.

If I bring my children bouldering am I able to climb at the same time?

You can boulder whilst your children wait on the mat. However when they attempt a boulder problem you must be on the mat in a position to offer assistance if required.

When can a novice become a competent member?

Once a novice who is 14 years or above feels that they are competent in either roped climbing or bouldering they can request a skills assessment. For bouldering they would need to demonstrate safe use of the bouldering area, and for roped climbing the skills of fitting a harness, tying in and belaying.

Should they pass, they will be asked to complete a new waiver indicating their proficiency. The status of their account will then be changed to competent.

Do you have equipment available for hire?

Yes, harnesses, belay devices, chalk bags and climbing shoes are all available for hire at reception.