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Climbing: Food for your brain

Of course climbing is a fantastic physical exercise. It is a work out for your whole body, building strength and endurance. But did you know it can also be good to calm a busy mind.

Improve your mood

As climbing is a challenge and you have to engage in problem solving, the boredom of exercise some people find when jogging on a treadmill simply isn’t there.

Studies show that climbing reduces the symptoms of depression, improves coping skills, and reduces anxiety more than other kinds of physical activity.

The mental aspects of climbing, such as decision-making, planning, and focus, reinforce the neural pathways in your brain and can improve overall mental function.

Conquer your fears

Are you worried about failing at work or a new project? By learning how to cope with failure when tackling a wall in a safe environment, you build the skills to challenge your fear of failure and more confident in taking risks and trying new things.

Great for kids self esteem

Climbing is particularly good for children and young people. A fast paced life and constant pressures to achieve can be a lot of stress on little shoulders. Rock climbing requires children to be fully focussed and concentrate on the immediate task. This mindfulness, by living in the present moment, can reenergise children and they can leave being able to face their situations with a clear head.

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Volunteers Needed

Summit Up is looking for local volunteers to support our disability-inclusive climbing and bouldering sessions for disabled children and young people. We want to make sure climbing and bouldering are activities that are accessible and inclusive: to do that, we need your help!