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Climbing offers physical, mental and social benefits for children and young people. If you are thinking of taking your child climbing, there are many reasons why this is one of the best sports you can choose. From increasing strength, endurance and flexibility to building confident and self esteem, climbing can benefit your child in many ways.


Climbing is a great form of exercise for children and adults alike. Studies have shown that exercise increases blood flow all over the body, including the brain, resulting in higher concentration levels, better exam results and more restful sleep.

Confidence building

Climbing is a great all round confidence builder. There’s not much that beats that feeling you get when you reach the top of a climbing wall and then lean back and let the harness take your weight, while you abseil back down to the ground. We see it all the time in the climbing arena, children arriving a little shy or apprehensive leaving with the biggest grin and walking a little taller, it’s one of the best parts of the job!

Reduces symptoms of ADHD

Child Mind Institute says “We know exercising is good for us. It helps us stay healthy, feel better and have fun. But for kids with ADHD, exercising can also be a big help when it comes to managing their symptoms. Studies show that as little as half an hour a day of exercise can help kids – especially younger ones – focus (and feel) better. Exercise can be anything kids enjoy. Running track, swimming, playing tag, rock climbing – you name it. As long as it gets their heartrate up. Letting kids take the lead is key.”

Puzzle solving

Our climbing challenges act as huge puzzles! Picking the right route to take on some of the more advanced walls takes time, practice, skill and focus. Puzzle solving is well known to help improve focus, and as it requires time and skill to complete it, creates a sense of accomplishment boosting self-esteem.

Social Interaction

One huge takeaway from 2020 it’s that social interaction is good for mental health in both adults and children. And whether visiting a Clip ‘n Climb Oldham alone or as part of a group it’s definitely going to be a social affair. Everyone from reception, South Ridge Café through to our clippers are a friendly bunch. Our clippers take climbers through the safety briefing, fitting harnesses and making sure climbers are dressed appropriately so it’s safe for them to climb. They’ll also be in the climbing arena assisting and offering support, advice and encouragement as needed.

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