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Summit Up are delighted to announce the launch of NICAS Clip. NICAS Clip is a fantastic brand new climbing scheme which takes place in the Clip 'n Climb arena. It focuses on the safe use of auto belay facilities, fun experiences within climbing through gamification of sport, and the movement skills that underpin climbing techniques.

About NICAS Clip

NICAS Clip aims to introduce new climbers, from 6 years and above, safely into the indoor climbing environment. The fun course helps to develop child's awareness of climbing movements, improve confidence and it create a pathway into additional climbing activities.


NICAS Clip will start on Friday 3rd March

The programme will run every Friday during term time at 4pm

Cost: £15 per session. You are required to pay for the whole term upfront. This cost includes a NICAS Clip log book.


Climbing gives loads of great benefits for kids, and the NICAS Clip programme can contribute to the development of communication skills, physical, social and emotional development which tie in perfectly with Key Stage 1 and 2 assessment criteria.

Structured Programme

At Summit Up we will be running NICAS Clip during term times. This is a weekly class at 4pm every Friday. There is a foundation level and an advanced level to work towards. By the end of one term your child is likely to have completed the foundation level.

Your child will be given a log book and all achievements will be recorded in this. Once all the assessment criteria has been met for that level, the coach will sign the logbook and you can claim your certificate.

Progression through the NICAS Programme

NICAS Clip is a perfect starting point to process onto further NICAS’s climbing schemes which are available to join from the age of 7. NICAS Clip provides useful skills to get ready for these schemes.

* NICAS Clip is not however a pre-requisite and completion of NICAS Clip does not provide automatic entry into the NICAS Climbing Schemes.

Parental Involvement

Children on NICAS Clip can enter the arena without their parents. There is a dedicated coach who will have a maximum of 8 children. Parents are required to stay onsite. They can sit in our South Ridge Cafe which overlooks the arena.

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