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Skills Assessment

This is for people who are experienced in roped climbing or bouldering and would like to climb at Summit Up for the first time.




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1x 5 minute session


1x Instructor

Skill Level

Competent Level Climbers and above


Roped Climbing / Bouldering



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What is a skills assessment and why do you need one?

Anyone visiting Summit Up for the first time who is looking to climb or boulder unsupervised, requires a skills assessment. This is to ensure that you are able to keep yourself and any climbing partners safe during your visit. Should you demonstrate the necessary skills, a record of your competency will be be added to your membership, allowing for speedier entrance on future visits.

What will you be tested on?

For those looking to do roped climbing we will ask you to demonstrate how to fit a harness, attach a rope with a suitable knot and use a belay device to safeguard a climber. Boulderers will be asked questions relating to safe use of the bouldering area.

Should you feel a little rusty and in need of some pointers then we would always recommend booking on a bouldering or roped climbing induction to get these essential skills up to speed.

Register your digital account & sign waiver before you arrive

Anyone looking to use the centre without an instructor should complete a digital waiver by following this link. This includes novice adults and juniors who will be supervised by a competent member. Completing this waiver prior to arrival will speed up your registration, meaning you can get on the walls more quickly!

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Skills Assessment FAQ

Who are skills assessments suitable for and what is involved?

Skills assessments are suitable for anyone who has previous experience of bouldering or climbing unsupervised elsewhere and wishes to do the same at Summit Up.

For boulderers we will be checking that you are aware of safe practice within the bouldering area.
For climbers we will be checking that you are competent with the skills of fitting a harness, tying into a rope and finally setting up and safely using a belay device.

Once the necessary skills have been demonstrated we will ask you to complete a digital waiver ( if you have not completed one prior to your arrival ), your membership will be created and you are ready to go and climb.

When are skills assessments available?

Skills assessments are available any time the centre is open and are carried out at reception.

During particularly busy times it may be a few minutes before an instructor is available to perform your assessment but we will always endeavour to be with you as quickly as possible.

What is the minimum age for a skills assessment?

Skills assessments are available to anyone 14 years of age and older. For anyone under the age of 18 we ask that a parent or guardian accompany you on your first visit as they will be responsible for completing the digital waiver on your behalf.

If I pass a skills assessment am I able to supervise a novice climber?

An adult (18+) member deemed competent is able to supervise up to two novice climbers.

The novice climbers must also create memberships prior to entry and be signed in by the competent member. They must remain with their supervisor at all times.

Whilst engaged in supervision the competent member may not climb.

What are my options if I don't pass my skills assessment?

Should you not be successful in passing your skills assessment there are a few options available to you:

1) If you had intended to roped climb but can answer questions relating to safe use of the bouldering area we can still register you for a boulder membership and get you climbing that way.

2) If you have come with a competent adult member they can sign you in for the day, meaning you can still climb with the other member taking responsibility for you.

3) You can book on a bouldering or roped climbing induction session where an instructor will refresh your skills and get you ready to pass your skills assessment test.

Whilst we wouldn't typically perform more than one skills assessment on a person per visit you can always retake the test at a later date when you feel more confident.

Whilst we appreciate that failing a skills assessment can be a nuisance the safety of all our customers is obviously of paramount importance.

Should I complete my digital waiver before my visit?

If you are confident in your level of competency, completing your digital waiver before visiting us via the link on this page will speed up your registration process at the centre.

If you aren't quite as confident or have questions then you are welcome to wait until you get to the centre to complete it.

Do you have equipment available for hire?

Yes, harnesses, belay devices, chalk bags and climbing shoes are all available for hire at reception.