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Roped Climbing Induction

Wanting to learn the ropes to be able to climb unsupervised at Summit Up? Then look no further. On this session our experienced instructors will aim to give you all the skills needed to start your very own climbing journey.


£45.00 per person (minimum of two people)


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1x 2 hour session


1x Instructor

Skill Level

Novice Climbers and above


Roped Climbing



Suitable For

Must include at least one adult (18+). Any children must be 5 or above.

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Session Details

What is a roped climbing induction and who is it for?

Our roped climbing induction is designed for anyone who would like to learn all the skills to be able to climb safely in the roped climbing, auto belay and also bouldering areas of Summit Up.

The session is suitable for anyone age 5 and up but as the focus is teaching the adults the required skills, there is a maximum of two children for each participating adult.

What will the session involve?

On this session the instructor will aim to teach you everything required to become an independent climber at the centre.

This includes safe use of the bouldering area, fitting a harness, attaching the rope, belaying and how to use the auto belays.

All hire equipment is included in the cost.

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Tel: 0161 820 8750

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Roped Climbing Induction FAQ

Who are Roped Climbing Inductions suitable for?

Roped climbing inductions are suitable for anyone looking to learn the skills to become a competent, independent climber and be able to roped climb unsupervised at Summit Up.

At least one member of the booking must be an adult (18+) and any children booked on the sessions must be a minimum of 5 years old. Maximum of two children for each participating adult.

What is included in the session?

During the session your friendly, experienced instructor will cover the skills required to climb unsupervised at the centre. This includes safe use of the bouldering area, fitting a harness, attaching the rope with a suitable knot, how to belay (safeguard) a climber and use of the auto belays.

Also included is use of all hire equipment during the session.

When are climbing inductions available? Do I need to pre-book?

Whilst climbing inductions are available daily, as capacity is limited pre-booking is essential.

During busy periods such as weekends and school holidays we would recommend booking further ahead.

To book please call the centre on 0161 820 8750

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing and trainers. Climbing shoes can be provided on your session as required.

Open toed shoes, flip flops, boots, crocs or heels are not permitted in the climbing arena.

Long hair must be tied back and all loose jewellery, hats or hooded tops must be removed prior to climbing for safety reasons.

Do I need to bring any equipment with me?

All necessary equipment is provided by us and there are no additional hire fees for this.

However if you are coming to this roped climbing induction having done some bouldering and owning your own climbing shoes or chalk bag feel free to bring them along.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have small lockers available by our reception that are free to use. They are big enough for a coat or a small bag.

As loose jewellery can't be worn whilst climbing we would recommend leaving it at home. Alternatively it can be left in these lockers at your own risk.

Are spectators permitted on the session?

We have ample seating where spectators can watch the action and have a brew.

However please be aware that for safety reasons spectators may not be able to follow participants into the climbing areas.

Can I book a Climbing Induction for just one person?

To learn the skills required to become competent it is necessary that there is one person climbing whilst the other is learning to safeguard them. This is why we need a minimum of two people on the session.

The second person can either be an adult also learning the skills or a child just wanting to climb lots whilst the adult learns the ropes!

Should you still struggle to find another person for your session let us know and we'll see if we can find someone else in the same boat.