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NICAS Clip is a fantastic brand new climbing scheme which takes place in the Clip 'n Climb arena. It focuses on the safe use of auto belay facilities, fun experiences within climbing through gamification of sport, and the movement skills that underpin climbing techniques.


£15 per person per session (Booked in term blocks)


Book online (Clip 'n Climb booking)


1.5 hour sessions weekly


1 x Instructor to 8 climbers

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Clip 'n Climb

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Who is the NICAS Clip course for?

NICAS Clip is s a fun, safe, inclusive way to introduce children, age 6 and up, to the climbing environment.

Over the course of six weeks, this standalone syllabus will introduce new climbers safely into indoor climbing, developing their awareness of climbing movements whilst improving their confidence.

The weekly classes are designed to provide structured progression. At the end of one term your child is likely to have completed Level one.

What do NICAS Clip sessions involves?

Sessions take place in the Clip 'n Climb arena.

With two levels to work towards, achievement stickers along the way and a NICAS certificate awarded once all assessment criteria have been completed, your child will not only feel their progress but see it too.

Completion of the NICAS Clip levels does not give early entry onto the NICAS Climbing & NICAS Bouldering Schemes.
However, it will:
• Be a safe, fun environment for learning after-school
• Keep your child active, mentally and physically
• Improve your child’s climbing confidence
• Maybe spark a passion for climbing

Aims of the NICAS Clip scheme

Climbing gives loads of great benefits for kids, and the NICAS Clip programme can contribute to the development of communication skills, physical, social and emotional development which tie in perfectly with Key Stage 1 and 2 assessment criteria.

Your child will be given a log book and all achievements will be recorded in this. Once all the assessment criteria has been met for that level, the coach will sign the logbook and you can claim your certificate.

When are the sessions?

Weekly sessions every Sunday at 9am during term time.

Look out for NICAS Clip Taster Sessions during the school holidays - this will give you a chance to experience NICAS Clip before signing up for a full term.

How much is the course?

The sessions are £15pp per week.

Sessions run term times only and must be blocked booked.

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Tel: 0161 820 8750

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