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Climbing Stories: Antonio

The moment I tried bouldering, I was instantly hooked....Through consistent climbing and a shift in my diet, I managed to shed nearly 20kg and, more importantly, found my true passion.

"Four and a half years ago, I made a pivotal decision in my life. After 12 years of playing rugby, I found myself lacking motivation, feeling isolated, and dealing with family issues. That's when I discovered climbing during a visit to Birmingham. The moment I tried bouldering, I was instantly hooked.

Upon returning to Manchester, I made bouldering a regular part of my life and joined the climbing clan. It was a transformative experience. Through consistent climbing and a shift in my diet, I managed to shed nearly 20kg and, more importantly, found my true passion. Climbing not only revitalized my physical health but also introduced me to a vibrant social circle.

When the pandemic struck, everything came to a grinding halt. It was during this challenging period that I learned to truly appreciate the value of freedom and cherish every single moment. I delved into climbing psychology, honing my mental training techniques to progress even without intense physical workouts. I embraced trad climbing, pushing my limits and conquering challenging routes like Tryfan.

As restrictions eased, I took on a new role as a volunteer with the Climbingclan organization, organizing outdoor climbing sessions. Last year, I achieved my qualification as a rock climbing instructor, enabling me to share my passion and knowledge.

A huge thank you to my incredible wife, OlgaPGHealth, for being my rock and constant support. To the amazing climbing clan and Summit Up, thank you for making this journey extraordinary.

I'm happy to share my story to show that everyone can do it, even if you're not in the best shape or mental health situation. You just need to follow one step after the other, keep a constant pace, and you will find yourself conquering the walls of Summit Up and many beautiful mountains."

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