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Lights Out Climb Night

Lights out night and start of the Summit Up Winter Bouldering League!

Head torches and glow sticks at the ready!

Join us for our first ever LIGHTS OUT night on 16th November 2022 from 6pm on roped climbing, bouldering and Clip 'n Climb.

Fun with the lights off!

Get set for our first ever lights out night on roped climbing, bouldering and Clip 'n Climb!

Bring along your head torch or hire one from us.

Clip 'n Climb sessions

Normal Clip 'n Climb sessions will run at 4pm and 5pm. Clip 'n Climb lights out sessions at 6pm and 7pm. Pre-booking recommended.

Summit Up Winter Bouldering League

The 16th November is also the start of the Summit Up Winter Bouldering League.

Round one starts 16th November until 20th December. There will be 20 bouldering problems per round (grades ranging from V0 - V9). Entry price to join the league is £2, collect your score cards from reception.

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